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From Plant to Plate:
Owning the Process

The vertical integration of processes is what distinguishes Berrymax from our competitors and supports our claim to providing superior quality berries. It’s the same differentiator that has led to the success of our parent company, Citromax.


At Berrymax, we begin the process with the careful nurturing of crops in our organically-certified orchards and continue through the packaging of harvested fruit in our dedicated state-of-the-art-packing houses. Our packaging facility, which has a capacity of 30.000 kg/day, was built in 2008.


A primary advantage of our vertically integrated processes is the unsurpassed and uncompromised quality control that is implemented every step of the way. Once berries arrive from the orchard at the nearby, strategically situated packing house, they are stored at the precise temperatures to preserve freshness. 
When they are delivered by seas and air to various international destinations, their freshness and high quality condition are assured.


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